BRYLA – Rules




(Rules – review 4)

BRYLA Award will be issued to radio amateurs in two levels

1- Basic Level: Proof of 5 different Brazilian YLs Contacted
(example: PS7AQF, PS7YL, PU5ICE, PT2TF, PP5ASN)

2- EXCELLENCE level: A special SEAL,
obliterated in 1977 during the Radio Amateur  Day over Green and Yellow
ribbons to be glued on the Basic
Award, will be issued to whom confirms QSOs with 10 DX YLs of, at least 3
 different Continents besides the
5 PY YLs already listed.

(example: CX, LU, CE,PY,ZP (South America) DL,F,EA (Europe) K,W , VE (North America)
Contacts can be made in any mode or any HF bands and in accordance with international regulations  of Amateur Radio Requests of BRYLA should be made by LOG (sample) authenticated by a recognized amateur radio organization or certified by two radio amateurs after confering paper QSL or electronic log (sample eQSL and LOTW), containing
NR – Call – D M Y – UTC – Country – Continent – Mhz – Mode – RST

BRYLA  may also be  applied by SWLs.

When applying, please send a QSL for BRYLA’s records and 5 IRC’s or the equivalent in $US  for return postage addressed  to:

NOTE: If you wish, your BRYLA award will be sent to you, only via e-mail, in JPEG format, Totally Free, so, no need you send me IRC or $US

 BRYLA – Brazilian YL Award
 A/C de PS7DX – Ed
 Av. São Miguel dos Caribes 31
 Neópolis II
 59086-500 Natal-RN


 Natal. RN  – abril, 13, 2024

PS7DX, Ed – BRYLA Award Manager



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